How to Be More Positive: Spread Positivity in This New Year

How to Be More Positive: Spread Positivity in This New Year

Make Positive Changes New Year

New Year is a wonderful time to drop things that are no longer serving us and handpick new habits for personal, professional, and emotional growth. Don't ever think like, What wonderful about new years? It’s just a shift of calendar.
I think it’s up to you how you see it. New Year is a wonderful time to reflect on a positive change in your life since it comes with an array of new possibilities and new opportunities.
The old chapters will be drawn out and the new ones will unfold with endless possibilities.

Why it is important, you might wonder!
It is important to revamp your old lifestyle, sit back, introspect, and plan another year to make the best out of it. With the right intentions, zeal, and a will to change your life for good, you can get there in no time.

Drawing inspiration to turn your life into something beautiful is always part of the bigger plan.
A key pillar of personal growth is to allow you to be open to new things, new people, new opportunities, and new possibilities. To be able to step into a completely new and better world, it is important to step out of your shortcomings and things you think you lack to see a better version of yourself.

12 Ways to Stay Positive

• Go To Bed Earlier

Why? - So that you can wake up a little early.
If you are someone who wakes up, gets ready, and rushes to the office in haste than you are making very little out of your mornings which are supposed to be the most productive time of the entire day.
Above all, try to go to bed earlier and keep all your gadgets away from you as they serve to be bigger distractions and hamper your sleep routine.
Get plenty of rest so that you will be able to wake up all fresh and fine the next morning.

• Cook For Yourself

Let’s make health a priority in the year 2020. Apart from preaching you on the importance of a healthy diet, eating self-cooked nutritious food has multifold benefits which include better monetary savings.
Get yourself to make a diet chart every week and plan your meals every single day. Even if you are a working man/woman, you can cook at least one nutritious meal for yourself instead of forcing yourself to survive on junk.
Buy groceries, set your pantry up, get to learn many easy-to-cook and quick recipes. It will do wonders!
How to Be More Positive

• Say "YES" To Self Care

There, basically, should be a self-love mechanism that would cheer you up even on your bad days. Making your self-care ritual is pretty simple - all you need to do is find out 'What Makes you Happy'.
Is it binge-watching a heartwarming sitcom, eating loads of donuts, prepping a meal for yourself, getting out on a coffee date with yourself, or absolutely anything else that gives you an instant kick.

Apart from this, you can incorporate a self-care ritual in your morning or night routine as well. Write a journal, read a book, or draw – it is entirely up to you.
All of these activities would just keep the creative bone inside you intact.

• Start Thinking Positively

I know, it is easier said than done but just think about It - we always keep thinking about how things are difficult for us, how things can’t get better, and how we can’t do a particular something. 
How about a massive change in the way we think, this year?
How about taking things on a positive note right from the beginning?
How about thinking that things will get better? Because they always eventually do, don’t they?
Journaling and practicing gratitude would be a wonderful idea to kick start and incorporate the whole positive thinking bit in your life.
Pick up on little things and start noticing the “good parts” that keep happening in your day to day life.

• Develop Productive Routines

No, we are not asking you to be a robot and follow a strict routine for the entire day but you can always handpick the best bits of productive routines - for example walking barefoot on grass for 30 minutes, waking up early in the morning and limiting your phone usage could be part of a super productive morning routine.
Start practicing and take sufficient time to feel a change in your life yourself.
Start making your mornings better - i.e. there should be sufficient time for you to do things in the morning instead of hasting and rushing to your workplace.

• Eliminate Every Ounce Of Limiting Thoughts

Here is a quick list of things that you need to kick out of your mind as soon as possible.
• Self-doubt
• Complaining
• Comparing
• Worrying
• Judgment
• Assuming the worst will happen
Did you know that you are putting it back into the universe whatever it is that you think and believe? That’s why you might have heard people asking you to only stick to positive thoughts!
Notice the pattern and never overlook what thoughts are occupying your mind. If you don’t stop these thoughts from controlling your life, you are going to find many hurdles in your way to success and happiness.

• Forget and Forgive

New Year gives you a fresh start, a new canvas to paint a wonderful picture. There is no need to carry the burden of hurtful experience on your back.
Every year gives you its own set of good and bad experiences, it is up to you what you drop and what you carry along.
Forgive people who did wrong with you, forget bad experiences while taking the best lessons out of them, and permit yourself to heal.
At the same time, thank people who have been kind to you, made you happy, and strung along with you throughout the year.
After all, it is the perfect time to cherish happiness!

• Eliminate Unhealthy Routine

Let us face it, this time of the year, we are more ready to stick to new plans than ever so why not put it into a positive way and get rid of toxic habits like smoking, waking up till late, clinging upon toxic relationships, binge eating, or even over-spending.
Make a strict plan, feel good about it, and start implementing it in your life right from the beginning.
Don’t hesitate if you miss out on following them for a few days (we are all allowed some cheat days), the idea is to make good things part of your routine.

• Plan a Get-Together

Decide on a date, a venue & invite people in. It is that simple.
Just ask yourself, When you had fun with friends and family for the last time?
Holidays are the time to put back your work a little and start spending amazing moments with your family.
Right from the start of the year, make plans with your friends and family and make time to meet them in real. If not, at least make sure to face time them and give them warm regards of holidays.

• Make a Mood Board

Honestly, the holiday vibes will just get you into a big mood to make a list of things that inspire you and make you happy.
This would be a compilation of:
• Motivating words
• Affirmations
• Positive pictures to inspire
• Inspirational words
• Polaroid pictures of things you love
• Polaroid pictures of “happy memories”
• New Year goals
• New Year Resolutions
• Massive to-do list for the entire year
This mood board would help you think about what you’re aiming for this year and how far you’d like to go in different domains of your life.
We might not always experience the best of our capabilities so there should be a “lift me” to deal with such blues.

• Write a Massive Bucket List

Yes, it’s time for the big list to drop. A list of things you want to achieve this year, things you want to purchase, things you want to pursue, places you want to visit, and many more such things could be part of this massive list.
The list would be a testimony to the big and small victories that are going to come in the year 2020. And will show you always to shoot for the star and dream big!

• Sort your Self Care Routine

Start your self-care by writing down the wonderful things that happened to you last year. This way, you would be able to feel moved even if your year wasn’t great.
Don’t get lost amidst the oblivion and the battle of survival. Instead, start moving inwards and check in with your feelings.

2020 will be the year of self-love & care.
Make time to do things you love and never forget to pamper yourself with sweet luxuries because you, honestly, deserve it all.
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