5+ Dangerous Side Effects of Hair Gels

5+ Dangerous Side Effects of Hair Gels

Hair gels are used to set your hair in a certain way and also to keep them light, soft, and manageable for a longer period. However, there are various side effects associated with using hair gels more than often on your hair. For hairstyling, often people swear by certain hair gels as it is a convenient option. Another profit point of using a hair gel is the timeless effect! You apply hair gel and you see the result almost immediately which is what one aims for, right?

But what if we tell you that this short term pleasure is compromised by a series long term side effects? Needless to say, there are substitutes to chemical-based hair gels that are more organic and you could go for them unless they have sulfates and other dangerous ingredients in it.

Alarming Side Effects of Hair Gels

• Scalp Irritation

There have been many reports that state the fact that constant usage of Hair Gels could make you feel like your scalp is having a burning sensation. The burning sensation could last from 2 to even 24 hours after the application in some cases. It is recommended to always start with a patch test and notice if the chemical is adversely affecting your scalp or not. Scalp irritation is often accompanied by dandruff and lice for which you are required to consult a dermatologist or use an anti-dandruff shampoo.

• Acne

A dirty and irritated scalp also shows its adverse effects on facial skin. When the pores of your scalp are clogged and due to which the dirt is accumulated, you see visible imperfections over your face as well. Facial skin is one of the most sensitive skins in the entire human body and a dirty scalp can seriously break one’s skin out. To avoid this side effect, one is supposed to do a shampoo routine at least twice a week to open the clogged pores.
Dangerous Side Effects of Hair Gels

• Excessive Propylene Glycol

Any chemical-based hair gel is rich in the quantity of Propylene Glycol (PG) which is supposed to make your hair soft and visibly shiny. However, this chemical is known to break the cellular structure down within the hair roots which cause long term hair damage. The constant use of this chemical is also not recommended by any dermatologist since Propylene Glycol can negatively affect the health of your hair. After a constant usage for 6 months, experts have reported that the hair strands have become thin, dull, and even lifeless in many cases.

• Dry Scalp

Constant application of hair gel on your scalp can irritate it, make it dry & itchy, and even cause a significant hair loss. Gels are thicker in consistency and thus they clog the pores on your scalp which results in accumulation of dirt and gunk which results in making your scalp much more itchy, dry, and even flaky at times. The side effects don’t limit to your scalp only, the excessive amount of harsh chemicals present in a hair gel can cause kidney infection as well.

• Kidney Dysfunction

If you are expecting a child or are pregnant, you must avoid using a hair gel. As we have already discussed the excessive quantity of Propylene Glycol present in the hair dye. Propylene Glycol can easily penetrate through your body through enzyme pathways.
For children below 8 years of age, it is extremely harmful to use such chemicals as it can lead to serious disorders and conditions like kidney dysfunction. Propylene Glycol is hard to eliminate one’s system and its persistence in the body can cause organ failure as well in extreme situations.

• Dandruff and Lice

Apart from having an itchy scalp, some people also experience the presence of dandruff and lice on their scalp.
Suppose you use a thick amount of hair gel on your scalp to keep it smooth and shiny, and instead, you are just causing your scalp to be unable to breathe since the paste blocks the pores and accumulates all sorts of dust, gunk, and dirt on it. Other side effects include the irregular functioning of respiratory organs – If you are a patient of asthma or other respiratory-related disorder, you are advised to steer clear of hair gels and its excessive use since it has been reported to cause difficulty in breathing.

• Neurological Symptoms

As it is clinically proven, people who have the presence of Propylene Glycol in their body are found with various neurological disorders at many levels. Especially the people in their early 20s, they are more prone to having neurological symptoms triggered by harsh chemicals like Propylene Glycol. 

Now you can see why it is so important to know about the side effects of hair gel. As mentioned earlier, you can always go for the organic substitutes of hair gel to be safe from these harmful side effects.
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