How to Be Happy: 22 Secrets of Maximizing Your “Happiness”

How to Be Happy: 22 Secrets of Maximizing Your “Happiness”

The Secret of “Maximizing” Your Happiness
Happiness is an emotion that comes from within when you feel satisfied or experience a sense of fulfillment. Happiness or a sense of contentment is something that everyone wants to have more of but are not sure how or what to do about it.

There is a question that everyone should ask themselves “What makes me Happy or What will make me happy?”
The answer to this depends on person to person as, for some people reaching their end goal in life will give them the utmost pleasure whereas for some it might be traveling around the world.

Happiness is not something that money can buy, on one side there might be a successful businessman having lots of money but struggles to find happiness whereas on the other side there is a poor person who is earning less but still lives happily along with his family.

How to Be Happy: 22 Secrets of Maximizing Your “Happiness”

How to Be Happy

Help without expecting anything in return

When we give simply because we want others to be happy and enjoy their lives we are filled with love from inside and need nothing more in return. Whatever you give whether its love, an item of your own, your time you should always feel like you have plenty to giveaway.
Remember the reason to give in this situation is to make someone else’s life better and happening. It’s a very narrow-minded ideology to give someone and then expect to get it back from them.
There is a theory and it says that, when you give something to someone with all your love and positivity, you will receive better things from the world in some-way or the other.

Find happiness in little things

Our life is nothing but a cluster of small-small things grouped that makes us happy. If you want to achieve something in life which will make you happy you should go forward and chase it now. The rapid and peaceful lives we are living in don’t allow us to stop and look for our tiny achievements in our day-to-day lives. But the thing is those small achievements are the reason for us to get going through rigorous schedules every day.
So stop, take a small break and treat yourself for even the achievements that you make throughout the day.

Try to remain positive in every situation

This is the most important point to keep in mind to maximize happiness. If you remain positive and send your positive vibes to the universe it will reflect positivity to us. This is a scientifically proven fact that a positive mind tends to increase happiness and well-being.
Thus, will automatically enhance productivity and creativity within an individual. It does take a lot of practice and courage to confront your fears and eliminate their powers to form control over you but, once you are through your fears you are unconquerable.

Live in the Moment

Living in the moment means living with the surroundings. Why worry about things from the past? Since you can’t change anything that happened in your past therefore, there is no point indulging yourself into rotational thinking and waste your time.
Living in the moment and enjoying life with your friends and family will give you the utmost pleasure and also the strength and motivation to perform well in the future.

Unveil the kid inside you

There is a small kid inside all of us who shows up when we are at the maximum joy. When we used to be small we used to enjoy multiple games with our miniature gang. The time when we used to give our 100% in the game without any sort of tension surrounding our mind.
It’s true that for most of us childhood is over but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what we used to love as a kid. Step out someday and play street cricket with children in your locality and you will feel the aroma of utmost happiness and pleasure surrounding you throughout the day.

How to Feel Happy or Make Someone Happy

Happiness can be found by feeding a hungry person.
Happiness can be found by helping someone.
You can get happiness by serving your elders.
Happiness can be found by giving love to an orphan.
You can get happiness by listening to someone's grief by giving them gusto.
Happiness is present everywhere, it is only late for us to spread our hands and hug it.
Show gratitude towards others.
Seek your goals with an optimistic approach and attach a strict timeline to every task you perform.
Avoid getting indulged in Social Comparison.
Let go of anger and resentment towards others.
Try to learn stress management skills from the internet which will help you overcome the stressful thoughts at times.
Never feel shy to seek help from your near and dear ones.
Exercise and eat healthy for a better living.

The Door of Happiness

“Happiness is a communication, happiness is a collective phenomenon. A man may be sad lonely, but rejoicing is a sharing, a bifurcation. Therefore, the happier a man is, the greater his group of friends will be, because the larger the group of friends, the deeper and greater happiness can be manifested. If you want to be sad, it is necessary to go alone and if you want to be happy, then it is important to go from great to great.”

After revealing compassion and friendship to the two gates of the Lord's temple, Sadhguru Osho called happiness is the third gate -
“Mudita means cheerfulness, blissfulness, non-sense. Clouds are clouded in the Ashada(Month). Water filled with them is compassion. Then that rain falls on the thirsty earth. It is a rainy water friendship. And then with the raining water that becomes satiated in the souls of the earth, and the whole earth is filled with greenery, joyfully and joyfully and dancing arises. That greenery, that cheerfulness, that blossoming flower, that mountain-mountain, village-village, corner of the earth, the happiness that it expresses is Mudita, it is cheerful, it is cheerfulness.”

The Door of Happiness

Those who undergo compassion and friendship are essentially standing in front of happiness. The sadness of his life disappears. All the pains, all the miseries and all the burdens of his life are gone. They are weightless, they are liberated, they are inspired by a new sound of bliss. To stand at the third gate is to become cheerful, but entering it leads to eternal bliss.

How will it enter? It is important to understand what that entry means. And remember that those who do not laugh at the door of God never reach the door of God. Depressed souls, weary and lost minds, minds surrounded by sorrow, and pain, there is no divine door for so many dark souls.

But till date, sadness has been taught in the name of religion, it has been taught a burdensome seriousness, it has been taught a kind of suffering, it has been taught a kind of anxiety. A deep connection between being religious and depressed has been established for the last five thousand years. This relationship, this wrong relationship, closed one of the doors of the divine, without which the door does not reach the Lord.

There is nothing sad in the world except man. Nothing more burdensome, serious in the world except man. All life is life singing songs. The whole life appears in colors, in sounds, in how many dances! Man is cumbersome, depressed. This sadness, this burdensomeness, this sad feeling, this suppressed-self-pause, it should close itself and the flower may not be revealed from anywhere, the smile may not be revealed from anywhere, how such a fearful feeling has arisen!

Why have religions, so-called saints and blind mahatmas made such a point of sadness? Why is there so much opposition to happiness, to pleasure, to non-attachment? Sick people, unhappy minds, troubled minds, such people kept going in search of religion. Those whose minds are unhappy, afflicted, troubled, surrounded by anguish; He has been traveling to Dharma to get rid of his anguish, sorrow, and suffering. Naturally, the air of the world of religion has become the same as that of hospitals. And those people who went to religion to avoid sadness, anxiety, and unrest, they escaped unrest, sadness - not so; He also made religion turbulent and sad.

 Healthy minds, joyful people, people singing songs, people dancing, did not go towards religion. And as long as those people do not turn to religion, this earth cannot be religious. The day people laugh and move on the path of righteousness, on that day that path will be filled with flowers.

 Mudita is legislative news, elation. Seek bliss, worry about avoiding unrest. Quit being free from disturbance, increase peace and wake up. Do not give an eye to negation and prohibition. Call the bill, the MLA, what he is, challenge him, wake him up with gold.

 A legislator should be cheerful in life. But the laughing saints were not born, the cheerful people were not born, the smiling people were not born. The more weeping man is, the more saintly he appears. The more the juice of his life has dried up, the greater it seems. How is the man! How is madness! Laughing people seem small and cumbersome and depressed people seem high and great.

The day we will also be able to turn people laughing towards greatness; The third door opens on the day we leave the foolishness to laugh, to bliss, to even to the non-attachment of God.

Such temples want me to be temples of dance, music, and laughter.
I want such a religion - that is the religion of smiling, cheerful, happy.

 A man who wants to make his whole life a pleasure, even a man cannot forget and give grief to another. Because hurting another means sending an invitation to sorrow for oneself. A man who wants to live in flowers cannot put a fork on someone's path, because placing a fork on another's path, challenging the other is to keep a thorn on my path. The man who wants to be sad can mistreat other people, but the man who wants to be cheerful will have to spread laughter all around him. A man who wants to be happy will have to share happiness all around because no man alone can be happy. It is important to understand this

 A man alone can remain depressed. But a man cannot live alone in happiness, joy. If you Bananas are sitting in a corner sad, suffering, upset, so no one can ask you to come and say, Hey! You are sitting alone and sad. But if you are laughing loudly in loneliness, then someone will come and ask if your mind is spoiled, alone and laughing? But being depressed in private, nobody asks if there is something wrong with it. Laughing in private creates doubt on the man.

For the man who attains supreme bliss, he becomes a particle friend of this world. Only then do they become available to ultimate bliss, not before that. Anand(Happiness) is a sharing, Anand is a sharing between friends. Sadness is loneliness. You would never have cared when you are sad, then people say leave me alone. Leave me alone When unhappy, they close the doors, close the windows and leave them in a corner, because being alone is most convenient for unhappiness. But when you are filled with joy, you break the doors, come to the market, come among the people and start crying that I am happy, come close to me! Happiness has to be shared, grief has to be suffered alone - you might have never thought.

How to Be Happy Alone

This is a difficult task because we humans are social animals. From the very beginning, we have a habit of living around people, but there is a time in life when we have to be alone. There are some things in such a situation that we may be happy by taking care of them.

Do not put your happiness on the other hand

An example of this is that we always try to look good in the eyes of others whether we are good in our own eyes or not. It is often our habit to compare everything to others. We need authenticity from others/society in our decisions. If you are also used to it, it is very difficult to be happy alone.

Learning a hobby/art

We need to be busy to be happy alone. For this, determine whether you are engaged in fulfilling any new/old art or hobby. As soon as we have nothing to do, boredom starts.

Race the world instead of yourself

This can also be a way to stay busy and move forward together. When you challenge yourself, it is only you who lose or win and you get a chance to assess your abilities.

Do whatever the heart wants

Loneliness is a good time when you listen to your heart and do what you want (it includes both good or bad things). You must do everything you want to do or do once. You may find some of these that can make you happy.

How to Be Happy Alone

Stop comparing yourself to others and start ignoring the comparison

In today's time, it leaves 90 percent of people frustrated or disappointed. You can compare yourself with tomorrow to make yourself better so that you will be able to improve tomorrow.

 Exercise 20–30 minutes every morning. This will make you feel energized throughout the day.
You can reduce or limit the use of mobile or computers because nowadays there is a lot of pressure.

 You should try to be happy every moment because happiness is not something to be found later or after doing something. If you are happy then there is more chance of getting everything.
Spend time with children.

 Do not let the problem dominate you because the problem is in everyone's life (its form is different) and consider it as part of life too.

 Even if you do not understand it, you still learn to rely on the journey of life. Sometimes what you did not want in life or what you did not expect in life, it turns out to be the lesson that you needed.

 Every little thing that happens to you has meaningful. Reconnect some points after every year and you will know that everything has happened for some reason.

 Keep yourself humble and accept rejection and failure as proof of efforts. Those who try and fail are much better than those who do not attempt at all.

 Do not compare your life with others because there is no comparison between the Sun and Moon. Both shine on their own time.

 Life changes after marriage. Some people still live in the belief that they can live like a bachelor even after marriage. Remember, it does not work this way. After marriage, you have to become more responsible and decent.

 Drinking and smoking will lead you to the bed of death at an early age. It looks stylish to others, but it is a way to commit suicide, avoid them.

 Learn to distinguish between those who are your real friends and those who only pretend to be friends. Few friends are better off than a group of snakes.

 Love your family. We often do not understand the love of our loved ones and continue to seek love outside the home. In reality, it is the family where life begins and love never ends.

 If we are to remain alone for some time, then we can develop our interests. Some of our hobbies such as song music, writing or reading books or sitting quietly silently or doing self-analysis or getting in touch with nature, beholding nature, listening to the chirping of birds, can be a lot of other things that please Can be gone.

But on the contrary, if we have to be alone for a long time, I do not think we can be happy alone because loneliness itself is a very big punishment. Man is a social animal who feels good during society.
Only some people like saint saints etc. live alone but this is not called being alone but in solitude in which they do their spiritual practice.

 But a man cannot be happy alone for a long time, gradually he will come under the grip of depression. For this, he must be with at least one person or other people with whom he can laugh and talk. We can be happy only by staying with husband, wife, family, friends, children or colleagues.


Happiness is the moment when we live openly when we are happy, we want to see not only ourselves but also the people around us. The meaning of happiness is different for everyone. If someone is happy with the attainment of wealth, then someone is at peace, with his family, by eating good food, sleeping, traveling.

But happiness does not give us money, food, and family, we are happy with ourselves! We cannot depend on anyone else for our happiness. These external joys are only for short time happiness gives us inner peace. Happiness is a feeling that works in our body to create vibrations, elation, and passion.

You must have also realized that whenever we are immersed in depression and suddenly we get to hear some good news, then waves start flowing in our bodies. And happiness starts appearing as a smile on our face.

 Being happy is the innate nature of human beings. Why is a young child often happy? Why do we say that childhood days are the best? Because we are born happy; But as we grow up our environment, our society starts dissolving inaccuracy, impurity in us, and gradually the level of impurity increases so much that happiness starts turning into sadness.

Happy people seek good, not evil

Most people quickly see what is lacking in others and do not pay that much attention to goodness, but those who are happy find goodness in everything.

Happy people know how to forgive and apologize too

Apologizing and apologizing lightens your mind, protects you from useless confusing and annoying things and keeps you happy.

Happy people work in their mind or they work in what they do

I have heard many times people doing evil of the company where they work, heard their work as the world's most useless work, doing so makes your life even more difficult. Happy people do not mind their work, they consider their positive aspects and enjoy it.

Happy people do not believe everything that comes to their minds

Happy people do not give shelter to bad thoughts coming to their minds for long. They know that what they are thinking maybe wrong, which they think is bad, they should be good.

 To be happy, it is necessary to have a positive attitude first.
Happy people try to relate their life or work with some big purpose
A happy person believes himself to be responsible for the things happening in his life.

 You may give credit for your success to others, but consider yourself responsible for your failure. When you blame others for the bad things that happen to you, you get angry, but when you consider yourself responsible, you feel a little bad and then get busy trying to correct things. I hold myself responsible for every good and bad thing that happens in my life.

Understanding the value of what we have is precious and being satisfied in it is an important reason to be happy. I think no person in the world has nothing. Someone has health, someone has money, someone has relationships, someone is very social, someone is a repository of many qualities. Someone has beauty, but everyone has something special that they should appreciate and thank God that he has given us these things. Even if nothing is there, you should try to get it by working hard, yet if you do not get success, then you get self-satisfaction that we have completed the effort. And the most important thing that I think is good or bad is to pass the time, so every moment should be lived.

 Apart from that, balance is necessary for life to be happy. It is necessary to give equal attention to all things, exercise, meditation, entertainment, and work. It is an important thing that I feel that the child inside me should never grow up. We will be happy as long as the child is there.
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