Top 10 Most Common "Worst Food to Eat"

Top 10 Most Common "Worst Food to Eat"

Numerous foods would be avoided. Here are 10 of the most common, so that you can take a look at your diet, of course, there are many others, perhaps even worse, but hopefully, you know them.

Top 10 Worst Food

⇌ Coffee
Acidifies the blood subverts digestion causes hemicrania also causes addiction, is like a drug.

⇌ Coca-Cola
This drink is mainly made up of sugar, acidifies the blood, prevents calcium and magnesium absorption, resulting in the possibility of causing osteoporosis.

⇌ Bouillon Cube
So used, can give flavor to what does not have taste, improves the taste of the dishes. It's a shame though that it contains monosodium glutamate, a substance that can also cause cancer. Beware of the cubes that carry the word on the packaging: "Without Glutamate".

⇌ Chewing Gum and Various Candies
It is something that is consumed every day, several times a day. If it is the dose that makes the poison, in this case, it is really easy to overcome the dose. They contain almost all of the harmless sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame-k, real killers for your body. Some breath mints are produced using only chemical additives. Read the label before consuming these products and consider the idea of ​​eliminating them from your diet today.

⇌ Wurster and Bologna
These are foods made with minced meat, impossible to recognize, a great opportunity to use the lowest level meat that nobody would buy if they could see it for what it is. If you want to eat some cold cuts, buy raw ham, checking for good in the ingredients that there are no nitrites and nitrates, that cause cancer.

⇌ Cheese Slices and Processed Cheeses
The same thing as for you read previously, they are the result of mixtures of not enough fermented cheeses or unsaleable or unsanitary, which are all fused and often made soft by the use of dangerous polyphosphates. This type of food is something rotten from beginning to end, from raw materials to additives used to make them eatable. The presence in the ingredients list of sodium citrate E331 indicates the use of products obtained from processing waste, which is chemically involved thanks to this additive, certainly not good food!

⇌ White Bread
It must be of quality because it is consumed daily. White bread is made with white flour, which has been deprived of bran and especially wheat germ, the most important and nutritious part. White flour forms a glue that attaches to the intestine walls thus limiting the absorption of nutrients. The alternative is, therefore, wholemeal bread, keeping in mind its dangers.

Top 10 Most Common "Worst Food to Eat"

⇌ Pasta with Meat Ragout
A rich and healthy dish, but it has several problems: the first is pasta that is usually consumed white so free of wheat germ, the most nutritious part, and potentially acting as a glue within the intestine preventing (long-term) the absorption of substances in the digestive tract; the second problem is meat ragout. The meat we buy today in the supermarket is full of toxins, drugs, and antibiotics. This is because of the intensive farming from which it comes. Animals are raised in pitiful conditions, exposed to numerous illnesses. Livestock animals are practically uninterruptedly treated with drugs and antibiotics, feedingstuffs are bad, derived from scrap and specially treated products. Finally, the third problem is the protein-carbohydrate combination practically in the same measure. This leads the body into confusion, the stomach can not digest well either, resulting in poor digestion and poor assimilation of nutrients.

⇌ Aromatized Potato Chips (Cheese, Pizza, etc.)
This kind of chips is often composed of only a minimum quantity of potatoes. The flavor of cheese or pizza is obtained thanks to the use of special aromas, the safety of which nobody would put his finger on it, as there is no in-depth study that guarantees their utmost safety. Above all the interaction between the different aromas and the various chemical additives used.

⇌ White Sugar
This should not be on the list, as it is not even food! In 1957 Dr. William Coda Martin classified him like a poison because it does not bring any useful substance to the body and even burns some of the substances present. A habitual consumption does not result in a strengthening but a weakening of the organism and its defenses against disease.

• The food industry feeds every day new foods, takes us by the throat and begs us to buy promising to save us time. But remember, those who sell do not care about your health.
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