7+ Amazing Home Remedies to Tackle 'Hair Thinning'

7+ Amazing Home Remedies to Tackle 'Hair Thinning'

All you lovely ladies must love watching no heat hair tutorials that spin your daily hair look to give you a different style altogether. However, no hairstyling does look appropriate when you have thin hair. Thin hair is not easy to manage either as you have to keep having to brush your hair since they get dried up quickly. Tired of using expensive products that come in a package full of promises such as to re-grow your hair all thick and glowing? Don’t worry; this article has all the good stuff to let you know about some of the miraculous hacks out of everyday items that are readily available over your kitchen counter.

For convenience, we are dividing this article into two parts – the first one would list a couple of hair-habits that you must avoid if you’re aiming to grow your hair think. The second part would focus on effective hacks that would help you grow your hair thicker and texture-wise better. Let’s read this article to give it back to our hair that everyday moisture, pollution, and frizz take away from our hair.

What to avoid for Tackle Hair Thinning

• Not Using the Right Shampoo

Dry and rough hair needs a little extra care than the normal hair type. If you use the same drugstore shampoo with sulfate in it, you are doing more damage to your hair than you think. Invest in a good shampoo (preferably a herbal shampoo) with little to no sulfate in it. Chemicals damage your hair as they strip the moisture off your hair follicles.

• Sleeping On a Cotton Pillowcase

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase is comfortable; however, it damages your hair in ways you can’t imagine. What you need instead of a cotton pillowcase is the silk one. Silk is better for your hair since your hair can glide smoothly over the pillow without cause any hair fall. Thin hair is 3x more prone to hair fall than the thick ones.

• Drying Your Hair

If you can’t step out of your house with semi air-dried hair then make changes in your routine or shampoo a night before but quit using a hairdryer to dry your hair out regularly. If you have dry hair, and you have to use a blow dryer (for an event), you must use it in the coldest blow air settings.

• Tying Your Hair in a Tight Pony Tail

A tight ponytail will not only make your hair fall from the front of your scalp but will also make it more prone to falling from behind. Instead, you can tie your hair in a bun and loosen it out from the front. A messy hair bun is one of the most trending hairstyles that girls are adopting for a casual look which also prevents thin hair from falling.

• Shampooing Every Single Day

Even if your hair type is oily + thin, you should not shampoo it more than thrice a week. Shampooing every single day would cause your hair to lose its natural moisture and would make it all the more rough, thin, and dull-looking. If you feel the need to shampoo your hair every single day, you can put your hands on the next best option which is to put dry shampoo on your hair.
7+ Amazing Home Remedies to Tackle 'Hair Thinning'

Natural Hair Remedies for Thin Hair to Grow Thick and Long

• Coconut Oil

Who doesn’t know the fact that Coconut Oil is one of the top ingredients to fix any kind of hair related weaknesses? As the name sounds, this hack is pretty easy and timeless. All you need to do is take some coconut oil and warm it up a little. Next, massage the oil on your scalp for about 10 minutes. Make sure to be gentle because going rough could break your hair as well.

• Avocado + Banana

Mash avocado and banana in a bowl until a smooth paste is formed. Next, apply the paste on your hair after you have put some oil in it and keep it that way for about 20 minutes. You can also wear a shower cap to avoid any kind of a mess. After 20 minutes, clean your hair using a mild shampoo and let your hair get air-dried naturally.

• Egg Mask

Beat an egg to separate the yolk of it. Next, mix some Rosemary essential oil to the yolk and mix them well. You can simply put this hair mask after oiling and 25 minutes before rinsing your hair off with a mild and organic shampoo.

• Mix Vitamin E with Shampoo

Bring some vitamin E capsules from a drugstore and poke it to extract the juice out of it. When you are shampooing your hair, simply mix this oil (2 capsules) in your shampoo and follow the standard ritual of cleansing your hair. Vitamin E is supposed to re-grow your hair and make it soft and shiny as well.

These were the top hacks to avoid thinning of hair and to re-grow it thicker and longer as well. Let us know which one did you like the best!
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