Hemoglobin Test: High & Low HGB Levels, Healthy HGB Levels

Hemoglobin Test: High & Low HGB Levels, Healthy HGB Levels


The hemoglobin (HGB) takes a look at measures of what proportion hemoglobin your red blood cells contain. HGB may be a supermolecule made by your bone marrow that’s held on in red blood cells. It helps red blood cells transport O from your lungs to your body through your arteries. It additionally transports greenhouse gas (CO2) from around your body back to your lungs through your veins. HGB makes red blood cells look red.

• Abnormally high or low HGB will cause symptoms like exhaustion, dizziness, or shortness of breath. Your doctor could recommend associate degree HGB take a look at if you’re experiencing these symptoms. you will have associate degree underlying condition that has to be diagnosed.

• Learn why you will like associate degree HGB to take a look at, what the standard ranges area unit for HGB, and what will cause abnormal HGB levels.

The Hgb takes a look at uses a sample of your blood to work out hemoglobin levels. to require a sample, your attention supplier extracts blood from a vein by puncture your finger or inserting a needle with an associate degree connected tube into the crease of your arm. The sample is then held on within the tube to be analyzed later in the workplace.

Hemoglobin Test: High & Low HGB Levels, Healthy HGB Levels

The needle could cause temporary discomfort, however, the insertion sometimes lasts but a moment. If you’re sensitive to obtaining blood is drawn or the sight of blood, have somebody go together with you and let your supplier recognize.

The HGB take a look at is also ordered as a part of an entire blood count (CBC). A blood count takes a look at additionally measures alternative vital parts of your blood, like white blood cells and platelets. Abnormal levels of any of those cells will indicate underlying conditions or blood disorders.

Some Other Reasons Your Doctor could Order associate degree HGB Test:-

• You've got oldsters or alternative relations UN agency have blood disorders, like erythrocyte anemia.
• You've got associate degree infection.
• Don’t have enough iron in your diet.
• You’ve lost loads of blood when surgery or a traumatic injury.
• You’re pregnant.
• You've got a medical condition that may affect your HGB levels.
You don't quick for the HGB take a look at specifically. You will quickly avoid food or liquids with calories for concerning twelve hours if your doctor plans to check the chemistry of your blood at a similar time. you must drink many glasses of water, however.
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Typical Healthy HGB Levels:-

Your age and gender each affect your Hgb levels.
• For men, HGB levels below thirteen g/dL area unit thought-about low. For women, HGB levels below twelve g/dL area unit thought-about low if not pregnant.

• This threshold could modification with bound conditions. It can even vary reckoning on the workplace, therefore take care to ascertain your lab’s reference vary. for youngsters, these levels may additionally vary because of age, particularly in infants beneath half-dozen months previous.

• Low HGB is additionally referred to as anemia, which implies that you just don’t have enough red blood cells in your body.

• With anemia, a biopsy also will show that you just have an occasional red corpuscle count and will have low hematocrit, the number of red blood cells to alternative parts in your blood.

Normal Hemoglobin Levels

Common Anemia Symptoms:-

Anemia will have several causes, therefore symptoms vary widely.
• whereas exhaustion or fatigue isn’t a reason for low hemoglobin, it will be proof. A under the traditional quantity of hemoglobin may end up in decreased O delivery to important organs and muscles, leading to fatigue or an absence of energy.
• Low HGB levels will be caused by any condition that affects your body’s ability to make red blood cells or conditions that lower red blood cells in your blood.

Possible Causes Of Low HGB:-

• Lack of iron in your diet, that makes it tougher for your bone marrow to supply HGB
lack of pteroylmonoglutamic acid|B complex|vitamin B complex|vitamin B|B vitamin|B} or vitamin B-12, which might result in your body manufacturing fewer red blood cells than area unit required.
• Severe blood loss when surgery or a serious injury internal hemorrhage from abdomen ulcers, abdomen or carcinoma, or internal injuries.
• Erythrocyte anemia, a genetic condition that causes red blood cells to be abnormally curved and able to carry less HGB hypothyroidism, which implies that the thyroid doesn’t manufacture enough thyroid hormones. Splenomegaly or associate degree enlarged spleen from infection, liver conditions, or cancer.
• Bone marrow conditions, like leukemia, that stop your bone marrow from manufacturing enough red blood cells.
• Chronic nephrosis, during which your kidneys don’t perform properly (resulting during a deficiency of glycoprotein, an internal secretion that stimulates red corpuscle production in your bone marrow).

Other Causes:-

• Donating blood too usually.
• Serious hemorrhage throughout your amount.
• Alcohol misuse.
• Chronic health issues like reaction diseases or cancer.
• High HGB is thought of as a blood disorder. this implies you've got too several red blood cells.
• Blood disorder vera may be a cancer of the blood during which your bone marrow overproduces red blood cells.
• With blood disorder, a biopsy additionally shows that you just have a high red corpuscle count and high hematocrit.

Common Symptoms Of High HGB Levels:-

• Haptic Sensation.
• Headache.
• Vertigo.
• Obtaining simply contused or hemorrhage.
• Sweating quite usual.
• Painful joint swelling.
• Abnormal weight loss.
• Yellow tint to the eyes and skin.
• Feeling exhausted.
• Purple or crimson tint to the skin.
High HGB could result from your body wanting to store additional HGB in red blood cells because of your setting, a condition that affects your heart or respiratory organ perform, or modus vivendi selections.

Critical Hemoglobin Levels

Possible Causes Of High HGB Levels:-

• Living at high altitudes wherever there’s not the maximum amount O within the air, like within the mountains.
• Taking glycoprotein unnecessarily, like to boost high-level physical performance.
• Chronic clogging pneumonic illness (COPD), a condition that inflames the lungs and blocks air from entering into your lungs.
• Smoking tobacco products, as well as cigarettes or cigars.
• Heart or respiratory organ diseases that affect your ability to breathe, your lungs’ ability to pass O into your blood, or your heart’s ability to pump unremarkably.

Other Causes:-

• Your doctor could advocate associate degree HGB take a look at if you've got symptoms of abnormal HGB levels or if you’re pregnant.
• The sooner you notice the symptoms of abnormal HGB levels and have the cause diagnosed, the additional seemingly you're to own no-hit treatment.

See your doctor if you’re experiencing any symptoms of high or low Hgb. If you've got a case history of blood disorders or conditions that may affect the bone marrow or red corpuscle production, you’ll seem like regular HGB tests besides a blood count to watch however these health issues are also moving your blood cells.
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