Slow Metabolism

Slow Metabolism


I Am Overweight Because Of Slow Metabolism

       The fact is almost everyone that lies on this popular old crutch is false. Almost all because some people actually have an underperforming thyroid. This causes the basal metabolic rate to decrease, which in turn makes it easier to reduce weight and gain weight. Other symptoms of low functioning thyroid are depression, sleep, and fatigue, decreased sex drive, constipation and hair loss.

        If you suspect that you may have a thyroid problem, you should visit a doctor to get your hormone levels checked. Most of us are fully functioning thyroid, and our metabolism is more than adequate for weight loss. So let's get to the bottom of this myth, which starts with the basics of metabolism and how it relates to weight loss.

Slow Metabolism
Fitness Myth #10

Metabolic Speed:-

       ''The body burns a certain number of calories regardless of any physical activity, and this is called Basal Metabolic Rate.'' Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure for a day is your BMR Plus which is the energy spent during any physical activity. When your metabolism is said to speed up or slow down, it actually means that your basal metabolic rate goes up or down. Your body burns more or fewer calories while resting, which makes it difficult to lose weight and gain weight.  Of course, some people metabolize naturally faster than others. Their body burns more energy while resting, and thus it is easier for them to lose weight and remain tough.

        The difference between the fastest and slowest pace of metabolism is not as deep as many people think. A literature review conducted by the University of Vermont found that about 68% of people have metabolism within 5–8% of the average population and 96% of the population on average are within 10–16% of the population over the age.

        To explain this more clearly, ''If we consume 2,000 calories as an average of 2,000 BMR, then 68% of people are in the BMR range of around 1,800–2,200 calories per day and in the range of about 1,700–2300 calories per day. The difference between the absolute slowest and fastest metabolism would be around 600 calories per day. While this seems quite important, we are comparing the two extremes here.''

        The vast majority of people, for all intents and purposes, are metabolically comparable. You may be wondering how can you eat anything other than pizza and ice cream and never gain weight You must be thinking. I can guarantee you that the person you take into account may not eat nearly as many calories as you think, or burn more calories than you eat. Even if you don't eat anything, you won't become overweight until you eat more in terms of calories. Your metabolism can make it a little harder for you to reach a calorie deficit than anyone else, but no one has a fast metabolism that they can never exercise and thousands of calories a day without losing weight.

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