Muscle Fatigue

Muscle Fatigue


If You Stop Training Your Muscle Turns In Fat:-

       Arnold Schwarzenegger does not have a clunky physique because once he was turned into fat in muscle. 

       This is scientifically impossible. Muscle and fat are two completely different substances. Just as you can convert your body fat into muscle, muscle cannot be converted into fat. What can happen here when a man trains, he eats a lot of calories to make sure that his body can recover and build muscle. Due to the high amount of his muscle mass, which burns calories every day, he remains quite lean. But if he stops training for any reason and keeps eating in the same way, his body has not only lost extra calories from workouts, but it also sheds muscle to make it more calories. Do not reduce the amount, it needs to be maintained current situation. Before long, the man is added to a layer of fat, and if he does not curb his eating, his anatomy will continue to progress in that fashion, losing muscle and gaining fat. This is what people think muscle is turning into fat - muscle is broken, because at the same time it is not needed because fat is added due to overeating. 

If You Stop Training Your Muscle Turns In Fat

       But, do not think that this means that you can never take a break from training because you will lose muscle and gain fat. If a very muscular person were to stop training and reduce his food proportionately, he would lose muscle but be lean. 

       According to one study, strength and muscle are generally maintained for four weeks without any training.


Weight Training Make You Inflexible:-

       Losing weight can get you information for a while. Athlets was once advised not to lift weights because it would make them stiff and inflexible and which would hurt their performance, we know better now. Certainly, being a hulking brute naturally limits your flexibility but rediscovering has shown that  Lifting, with a full range of motion, actually increases static stretching as well as flexibility, or even better. 

Weight Training Make You Inflexible

       In a study conducted by the University of North Dakota, researchers divided 25 volunteers into three groups: a control group, a stable stretching group, and a resistance training group of five weeks. Later, the researchers found no signs. The difference between static stretching and resistance training groups in all measures of flexibility.

       Another study conducted by Castello Branco University in Brazil showed that 8 weeks of regis rance training improved. All stretching has better flexibility than flexure, but a measure. The reality is that weight training with proper form Increases flexibility as you are repeatedly moving muscles, joints and ligaments through their full range of motion.

Muscle Fatigue

       Some weight training exercises provide deeper stretches that are harder to beat, such as the dumbbell fly, the Romanian deadlift, the dumbbell pullover dumbbell row, and the overhead triceps press. Improved flexibility is yet another reason to use a full range of motion in weight lifting.

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