How To Lose Weight Quickly

How To Lose Weight Quickly


Rapidly Changes Your Body Star Mode

       We will miss everyone a million times, and it makes logical sense. If we go too long without eating, does our body not think that it is hungry and reduces its metabolic rate drastically. To better deal with future starvation, wouldn't it increase the rate at which we actually store fat after eating.

Don't Hurry To Face Your Metabolism:-

       A study by the University of Rochester showed that the metabolic rate did not decline until 60 hours of fasting and the reduction was only 8%. In fact, research has shown that metabolism actually accelerates after 36-48 hours of fasting. From the body's point of view, true starvation occurs after about 3 days of not eating. But the primary source of energy becomes the breakdown of protein. Until then it relies on body fat and glycogen stores in the liver and muscles for its energy, nothing more than regular biological functioning.

How To Lose Weight Quickly

       Once the energy has to start breaking down the protein, however, the body becomes aware of its existence, and this is when the actual starvation mode begins. This makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. If we have not been eating for a long time, what does our body want from us :  food definitely. And how does this motivate us to do so By increasing the production of two chemicals called adrenaline and noradrenaline, which intensify our brains and make us want to move forward. They also increase our basal metabolic rate, at least the calories you burn with complete rest And what happens when we lose muscle. We become physically weak, our metabolism slows down, we succumb to disease, and eventually we die (heart attack).

Health Benefits Of Haste:-

       A growing body of evidence demonstrates that fasting has various health benefits.

        Studies have shown that fasting increases insulin sensitivity, stress resistance, fat oxidation and life span and reduces the risk of disease. prolonged fasting (15–25 hours) actually improves your health and helps you burn more fat without any body worries.

        Dietary strategies are built around this research, and are known as intermittent fasting routines.  Such protocols divide your days into fasting and feeding periods, typically calling for 15-19 hour fasting and 5-8 hour feeding windows.  You eat your entire day's worth of calories during these feeding periods, which require large meals. Especially if you are lifting weights. You should also know that intermittent fasting and proper timing require proper food and workout time while exercising regularly.

         If you want to do it, you can eat occasionally, or else cause hiccups. Stone only requires two meals- your pre and post workout meals. Your pre workout meal should contain about 30 grams of protein and carbohydrates, and your post workout meal should contain the same amount of protein and between 30-40% of your total daily carbs. You can also work in a planned fast once or twice per week to get some of its benefits.

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