How To Get Fit

How To Get Fit


You Don't Have To Lift Weights If You Want To Fit

       There are two types of people in the gym, those on cardio machines who are trying to get thin or lean and those who are trying to gain weight and larger muscles on machines.
       There are certainly many benefits of cardio for lifters, but what about the benefits of weightlifting for people doing just cardio. People who stick to cardio often don't talk about lifting weights because they want a lean, athletic look. At the extreme end, cardio addicts may also think that lifting is only for methods that have a neurotic breakdown if they do not have a protein shake every 3 hours.
       What most people and types of girls really want is that they get a lot of lean mass and weight lifting is the only way to do this efficiently but there are even greater benefits to consider. 
        Starting at 21, your body will lose small amounts of muscle and strength every year until you do nothing to stop it.

        Research has shown that between 20 and 60 years of age, 40% of the total muscle is lost. In medical lingo, it is known as sarcopenia, and studies have linked gradual strength and muscle loss, diabetes and increased risk of heart. The disease is at increased risk of osteoporosis.  Metabolic health decline in lifespan and disability in the elderly. People often build muscle to look good, but it is incredibly healthy in the long run as well. Not only does muscle mass combat sarcopenia, but it provides many of the metabolic benefits once thought of as the sole scope of cardiac exercise.
        And in terms of aging, having a significant amount of muscle is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your health and ward off disease. I believe that everyone, men and women of all ages, should include some form of resistance training in their exercise routines.
         The frequency and intensity of training should be determined by personal goals, but even though your goal is to stay healthy, resistance training should be part of your workout regimen. And don't think that weight lifting is only for young people.

         Research has shown that middle-aged men on a weight lifting program, can build strength and muscle as well as college-aged men.

How To Get Fit

          Studies have also shown that the elderly can make significant gains in both muscle growth and strength in response to regular weightlifting.

Lift Light Weight Many Reps Get Toned

       When you are dieting to lose weight, lift heavyweights. weights that allow for more than 10 reps if you are a woman, and no more than 6 reps if you are a man. Reasons - The first one you learned in the chapter is related to Hardgainer's claims 'heavyweight builds strength and muscle from lightweight.'

       Research has shown that lifting lighter weights (40 - 60% of 1RM) for multiple reps does not do much to improve your overall strength or build bigger muscles, rather than aerobic improvement of your muscles exhaustion ability and time. It improves the ability of your muscles to perform long or repeated contractions with that weight.

       If you are trying to build muscle, I never recommend training with light weights. It does not work that way. There is another reason to lift heavy weights, and it is directly related to fat loss
       A study conducted by Greek sports scientists found that men who trained heavier weights (80–85% of one rap or 1RM) increased their metabolic rate over the next three days, compared to men who trained. Burn hundreds of more calories than Lighter weight (45–65% of 1RM).
       Another study showed that the increased energy expenditure after lifting heavy weights is mainly derived from fat burning. Therefore, lose weight and hit them harder if you want to increase your metabolic rate and in turn, speed up your fat loss.
       And if you want to gain extra points, focus on compound lifts like squats and deadlifts, as they burn the most workout calories
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