Fat Loss Muscle Gain

Fat Loss Muscle Gain


Turn Your Fat Into Muscle:-

       Fat and muscle are two completely different substances, and you can only reduce and increase them no communication is possible. On top of that, you can only focus on one or the other  you cannot maximize both together. To lose fat it is necessary that you consume less energy than your body requires, which will lead to burning of fat for extra energy. Building muscle requires that you eat more energy than the body needs, not only to enable it to build muscle efficiently, but it can also store some fat.

Fitness Myth #6

The former is commonly known as cutting and the latter is known as bulking. If this sounds like a hopeless situation, don't despair: When you eat properly, you lose more fat than muscle when cutting, and when you are bulking, you gain more muscle than fat, which allows you to change your overall anatomy. Will allow these feeding cycles to be avoided. It follows that, over time, people move from 150 pounds to 15% body fat at 190 pounds to 8% body fat. bulking up at one stage, they gain 10 pounds of muscle and 3 pounds of fat  Can, then in a phase in which they lose 3 pounds of fat with one pound of muscle. This leaves them as lean as before the bulking cycle, but with 9 pounds of more lean muscle.

 If you repeat this a few times, you will change your body completely. There is one exception worth mentioning. It is very common for both men and women to have a style of training and dieting. If you are already lean enough and want to keep muscle, don't be afraid to gain some fat on the way. This is just one part of the game. When you are ready to lose fat, if you train and diet properly, you will keep your muscles and just lose fat.

       If you are a woman, training in this regard is a bit easier. As long as you don't really want to focus on making your muscles as big as possible, you won't have to bother with bulking.  Most women just want to be lean, strong and defined and stay there, which is a matter of reaching a body fat percentage (Around 17%), building enough muscle to stay in that position, and eating.

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