Drink Alcohol

Drink Alcohol


If You Want To Look Good You ©an't Drink Alcohol

       In small amounts one drink or a day, it has potential health benefits such as insulin sensitivity, healthy cardiac function, and lipids in your blood. To a large extent, alcohol leads to a barely conscious drive in the house, the best NFL crowd of all time, and fights on public indecency charges. And to surprise someone, chronic alcohol abuse basically breaks your ass.


Fat Loss Or Alcohol:-

       Similar to the carbohydrates practiced these days, alcohol is the target of many criticisms.  According to some people, if you drink alcohol, you are going to get the fat end of the story. And depending on whom you talk to, you can lose all your muscles as a bonus. If we tend to take a fast inspect epidemiologic analysis, we will see that moderate alcohol consumption is truly related to lower weight, not higher.
       An 1985 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition observed a diet of 1,944 adults aged 18 to 74. Researchers found that an increase in calories from alcohol alone did not lead to an increase in weight that would normally occur.
       Those calories were from protein, carb or fat.  In fact, to regular alcohol intake, drinkers took an average of 16% more calories each day than non-drinkers and had similar levels of physical activity, but were less likely than their alcohol-free counterparts. Neither were in the way.

        Following another study, obese women on a weight loss diet directed one group to consume 10% of their daily calories from white wine and another 65 with grapefruit juice.

         After 3 months, white drinkers lost about 2 pounds more than the grape juice group. The exact mechanism at work is not entirely clear, but a possible factor is that drinking may reduce your appetite for food.  According to another study, it may be related to the effects of alcohol on insulin sensitivity. Although it may seem that you encouraging to drink alcohol, this is not the goal. Alcohol consumption may hinder your weight-loss efforts but in an indirect way. While alcohol itself may not be originally stored as body fat, it blocks fat oxidation, which in turn accelerates the rate at which body fat is converted into body fat stores.

          In short, it is not calories from alcohol that can make you fat, but all the crap you eat, which is hard to resist when you are numbered. If you want to drink while dieting and still lose weight, do not consume more than one day of alcohol per week, and use the following tips to protect yourself from storing excess fat on that day-
• Restrict your dietary fat intake, and do not eat any fatty food while you are drinking alcohol. Get the vast majority of your calories from protein and drink that day.
• Stay away from carb-rich drinks like beer and fruit cocktails.
• A dry liqueur is a good choice as well as spirits.  By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a few drinks every week, without feeling guilty and without wasting your weight loss.

Testosterone Level Or Alcohol:-

        Men have to cope with music after one result of alcohol.. it suppresses testosterone production. The magnitude of this effect varies - In a study conducted by the TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute, 10 men drank 30–40 grams of alcohol per day. After 3 weeks, his testosterone levels had dropped to around 7%.

         In another study, 9 men were asked to drink 60–70 grams after a workout and had no effect on testosterone levels during the following 5 hours. What happens when increase the post-workout dose.

         The University of Helsinki conducted a similar study, in which 1.5 grams of ethanol per kilogram of body weight was given to 8 healthy men ages 20 to 25. His testosterone levels decreased 23% on average. They started after drinking between the 10th and 16th hours. In addition, cortisol levels were increased on average by 36%, and growth hormone secretion was heavily suppressed.

         Another study conducted by the same university agreed. Binge drinking after engaging in exercise impairs testosterone production, thus proving that 10 beers are a poor post-workout meal.

         All things considered, if you have a few drinks here and there, then you have nothing to worry about in terms of testosterone production.


Muscle Recovery/Performance Ot Alcohol:-

       In rat and in vitro studies, alcohol imposes protein synthesis.

       Some people apply this type of research directly to living, breathing humans and say that it prevents you from building muscle and accelerates muscle loss. It does not work that way.

       There are major metabolic differences in mice and humans, and in vitro extracts do not always pan in vivo.

        In living humans, alcohol muscle wasting effects have been observed only in chronic alcoholics. If you have 7 Plus drinks per day, you will not have trouble building muscle. And going on or remember your name. It also commonly claims that alcohol consumption affects the strength and interferes with the body's ability to heal muscle damage.

         According to studies by the University of Massachusetts and Aarhus University- alcohol has no effect on the strength or indicators of exercise-induced muscle.

         A study conducted by Massey University showed that 1 gram of ethanol per kilogram is per kilogram. Bodyweight after exercise, muscle damage after a workout. It should be noted that the workout regime used was a bit ridiculous so we cannot be sure that its findings apply to more traditional, low-volume weight lifting workouts  Occur.

Drink Or Not:-

        Alcohol advocates like to talk of it as some kind of superfood, but the bottom line is by no means necessary for good health and it won't give you any performance gains. If you're don't want to drink, I don't see any reason to start. If you drink regularly, then you have a lot more anxiety than interfering with muscle gains. But if you drink enough and moderately to not notice any after-effects (hangovers issues), you probably don't have a reason to quit it altogether.

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