How to Gain Muscle

How to Gain Muscle


I Can't Build Muscle

       Genetics is a favorite scapegoat for people who can't build enough muscle or lose enough fat.  But what exactly are they and how much do they really influence your results?  The genetic word comes from a Greek word that means "origin," and refers to the molecular structure and function of our genes. Genes are molecules in our DNA that provide instructions for creating special types of proteins that then tell each of our cells what to do, how to build muscle, produce bone, transmit nerve signals, etc. While all our bodies contain the same types of genes, our programming is different. For example, the cells that make up my iris were programmed to have a certain shade of blue, while yours were programmed to have a different shade or a completely different color.

       This variability in programming applies to all physiological activities in our bodies.  So, yes, your genes determine things like which muscle groups tend to be your strengths, your natural hormonal levels, how much fat you tend to retain in your body and where you tend to store it, but they don't alter the basic values.

       Physiological processes by which your body develops muscle or loses fat. As long as you don't have a disease that directly affects these functions, you can get in shape if you know what you are doing.

How to Gain Muscle

       If you are afraid that your body is genetically destined to be small, weak or fat, you can rest those fears. Your body contains constant genetic programs like mine that lead to muscle growth and fat loss. In fact, your body could perform certain functions related to these things better than mine. If I have progressed better than you with my physique, it is only because I have a better understanding of how to implement these programs, that is, I know more about proper training, food and rest.  That's. Now, genetics can make parts of the process easier or more difficult.

       Some people have naturally high levels of testosterone and growth hormone, which means faster muscle growth and a thinner physique in general. Some people's bodies mobilize fat stores more effectively than others, which makes weight loss easier. Genetics also plays a role in the shape of your muscles.

       Not all men can have that perfect square chest or a ridiculous bicep peak, and not all women can have a perfectly round butt that defies gravity. But none of these things are limitations.

      Who cares if you gain muscle or lose fat additional slowly than somebody else?  Whenever you can see regular improvements and get where you want to be, additional time is irrelevant.  Regardless of the "quality" of your genetic programming for muscle development and fat burning, you can build your dream body in a matter of a few years and keep it for the rest of your life. And it's no big deal if you can't have the same aesthetic as your favorite fitness deck model. You can still look amazing and, most importantly, feel great, and that's what it is about.

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