Sports is very useful for every human being. Children play sports at school because teachers know it's important for everyone.
People are busy making money and expanding their business but they do not know how important sport is in life.

If you play sports, you do not want to exercise or yoga. Because everything is combined with the sport. In sports, you do so many movements and these are part of the exercise and yoga.

Sports means games and many types of games in the universe.


1. In home games: -

There are so many games playing in the house. And these types of games increase your movements, your concentration and your brain power.
Ex. - Tanis Table

2. Ground games: -

Ground games are a very popular category in sports. Too many games play in the ground and people also like to play in the ground.
Ex. - Cricket

Cricket is one of the favorite bottom ground games because many people are interested in playing and watching cricket.
Hockey, football etc.

3. In Ring Games: -

This category belongs mainly to boxing.
Ex. WWE-
One of the most popular games that is played in the ring.

4. Racing Games: -

There are so many games in this category. Racing games play for passion. Car and bike racing are the most popular games in this category.
Other Ex.- Horse riding, other races.

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