Keep Calm And Stay Healthy

Keep Calm And Stay Healthy


Due to not being calm of the brain: -

1. Trouble remembering old things
2. When Someone Leave You
3. Having trouble with money
4. Being disturbed due to failure in any work
5. Distress due to loss in business
6. Being disturbed by not being a job
7. Family problems
8. Having trouble with studies
9. Being disturbed because not achieving goal
10. Having trouble with illness
11. Being disturbed due to non-job
12. Being disturbed by feeling lonely
13. Being uncomfortable with your worries
14. Troubled by comparing yourself with others
15. Having trouble with your disability
16. Distress due to marriage
17. Being inconvenienced Etc.

       If you have any of the problems mentioned above, then read the following solutions:-


       1. If you are troubled by remembering old things, then you are destroying yourself because you are weakening yourself from inside. If you do not try to forget the old things, you should try to remember yourself by doing Relax Mind and then you will end up with this problem. After that you will end this problem.
           And you have to understand this thing yourself, then your problem will be solved.

        2. If you are getting disturbed because of divesting someone, then you are making the biggest mistake, because why do not you care about who you care about. If you handle yourself and understand, then your problem will be solved.

        3. If you were troubled because of money, you need not be troubled but free yourself greed and calm your mind because money keeps coming. If you think this way, then your problem will be solved.

         4. If you fail in some work and then get upset then you should think that your success efforts did not come to mind completely and try to get that success again, then you will get success, it will be upset There is no need to be.

         5. If you have a loss in the business then there is no need to worry about it, but you should try it well again, worrying is not a solution to the problem but hard work is a solution to the problem.

         6. If you are worried because you are not employed then you do not have to worry, but you have to work hard because you can move on the strength of hard work. If you have a hard time working hard then you work hard and you will definitely get a job.

          7. Family problems are with everyone and you should face it firmly so that your problems will end and your problem will end.

          8. Having trouble with studies is not a solution to the problem, but studying whole mind is a solution to the problem.

          9. If you can not achieve your goal and become disturbed then you will be worried all the time because trouble does not achieve the goal. You will have to work harder, then you will reach your goal so you will get more and more hard work. So that you can reach your goal.

           10. Having trouble with illness is not a solution to the disease but facing it is a solution to the disease because the disease continues to come along with everyone. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry, but remember God with all your heart. Problems will be resolved.

            11. If you are worried because you do not feel like a job then there is no need to worry about it. Maybe God has not created you to work but to do business, then you put your hard work towards business and your small Start a rough business so that you do not progress by being bothered to make further progress.

            12. If you feel lonely then this is your biggest mistake, remember God and feel that there is someone with you.

            13. If you are being brushed due to your bad deeds, then you should correct those habits so that you do not have to be ashamed the next time. And if you have been unduly unsatisfied then prepare yourself to take revenge for the baselessness, as if somebody slaps you, then prepare for him and slap him again with four times force so that he can slap any man from the front Think 4 times before

            14. If you are comparing yourself with others, then you are making the biggest mistake because the talent you may not have near the front and you probably do not have the front of the front, Understand and decide accordingly so that you can be happy.

            15. If you are upset about your disability, then the solution to this problem is only satisfaction. You are satisfied that God has given you whatever good you have given. And encourage your self to never feel yourself disabled if you do not feel yourself disabled, you will get better from the whole body.

            16. If you are getting worried because you are not married, then you do not have to worry because God has chosen a life partner for everyone, if it is not for you, then you may have to live alone and take care of this thing. Being disturbed is not a solution to this problem but you work hard to prove yourself better than others, then you may find a solution to this problem.

            17. If you are getting bothered unnecessarily then you are stupid. And there is no solution for any problem for fools. So avoid calling yourself fool and put your mind in the right place.

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