Fit Human Fit

Fit Human Fit


Fitness means you train (train) the parts of your body. Physical fitness is important for every human being. But many people are not aware of his physical condition because of laziness and business.


1. Indoor Fitness: -                                

     In the inner body, there are so many parts in the physical form of the inner body.                   

     What are you eating, what are you drinking? This is very important for the physical shape of the inner parts. "If you eat healthy foods, your body will feel healthy and function properly. If you eat junk food, your body will feel weak.

                  Mental physical form is the example of the inner physical form.       
   'Eat fresh, drink fresh for your body healthy'

2. Outdoor fitness: -                             


                         In the outer body, train your muscles, belly, legs and all the other outer parts of the human body. Outdoor parties need exercise to work healthily and cleanly.
 Ex. - If your fat gain is very fast, exercise to lose fat.                               

       If you exercise, many problems are solved automatically and you feel healthy and fresh at all times.     

A. Exercise: -                  

                  Do exercises like running, gym, bodybuilding, dancing and many other exercises for a healthy body.           


B. Yoga: -              

           Do yoga daily, as this will help make your brain powerful and versatile.

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